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ok so this IS a picture dump

I realize i haven't drawn much since the last time i updated.... which was like when i don't know XD but HERE have some PICTURES.

I went back to Rochu for a bit because of how absolutely wonderful this pairing WAS...as politically incorrect as it is, it's never wrong to have an occasional dream i suppose.

and this is for the Bleach 2011 calendar on jojohot forum:
( I had to do a tribute to Aizen...he went out in quite a style =v= somewhat on purpose i suppose)

Supposedly this is QQ vs 360? the battle is over now but it was worth it -v-

and last but not least...UMINEKO! I am in love >v< especially now that the series ended.

I have many photos from the Paris trip and will upload them here. After the dinner at moulin rouge we went back to the hotel and hours later in the middle of the night i was throwing up in the tiny toilet. the next day my friends went out to get stomach medicine for me...and strangely, consequently they all got uncomfortable and we simply slept the day away. Didn't make it to the Eiffel tower this trip, but thankfully we were in good enough conditions to go see the Louvre. I'm not so much of an impressionist but damn there were some BEAUTIFUL marble statues.

how's everyone's new year going?

p.s. new year new layout

p.p.s. will use new set of icons -v- next time.


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Jan. 9th, 2011 05:07 am (UTC)
My dear, your coloring has gotten really shiny lately. Seriously, the lighting.. so pretty. And who cares about political incorrectness? If you love a pairing, I don't see why you can't support it - well, I personally see the nations as characters having independent personalities of the countries they represent, so they can still be at war and in love in my head. Although it does make me a little sad, because it's like you've captured a fleeting, tender moment for them in that pic and then we all know it doesn't really last. Gah.

It's a pity you didn't get to go to the Eiffel Tower.. but you went to the Moulin Rouge? =DDDD Sorry to hear you got sick though, but at least you survived the freak coldness that hit Europe at that time. Can't wait to see those pics~
Jan. 9th, 2011 09:19 am (UTC)
GASP could it be possible that my dark dark heart is finally starting to BE shiny?! XDDDDD

I always have this issue with APH orz and this is ASIDE from my incapability to get into things outside of reality orz i think there are so many good pairings in life tat i couldn't get into simply because it's not historically kanon enough orz

yes we went ot moulin rouge =v= the show was pretty good XD though we're pretty sure the food poisoned us XDD will upload pics soon~
Jan. 9th, 2011 10:45 am (UTC)
Maybe your dark dark heart's just getting better at camouflaging itself and luring unsuspecting people in with the shiny and then swallowing them whole!

... or something like that.

*pats* we know how you feel about APH (at least somewhat, anyway). I agree with you on the historically canon front, though - because it's basically like their character history together, so it makes a big different. But anyhow, China and Russia will always be neighbours, at least? That'll never change XD

When I was in Paris, I was fifteen and although I wanted to go to Moulin Rouge, I wasn't allowed to. So yeah! Pics! Look forward to them.
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