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it's tat time o year again

here's my random LJ burst...which i have once in a while, much like a seizure or the craving for chocolate.

it's tat time of year again...christmas =v=

it's the time of year st.nicolas rolls over in his grave wondering why he's now dressed in Coca Cola's colors...

several weird details.

i now have my ears pierced...was shivering the entire way through with Claire's store staff trying to hide their smile =v= god i hate pain, it drives me crazy thinking about thin metal going through my ear...but it wasn't that bad. Still in the disinfecting phase. I have bought a lolita outfit and dress and boots for the Paris trip, can't wait.

This is what i look like now in case anyone's wondering...which I honestly don't see why anyone would wonder.

Oooooo Photobucket now has webcam...ANYWAY

There's this really amazing series recently? It's called Star Driver, Kagayaku no Takuto.

here's my fan art:

It's just so weird and hilarious in the beginning but it's turning into a fairytale type of story...fits my likings v much -v-

also this is the poster I did for a DA RP group~


ok so this is NOT a pure pictures post.

After 1.5 months of waiting for the goddam work visa it's finally granted and I go back to work on December 1st.

Looking back on the year, I went from Canada-->Beijing-->Germany-->Austria-->Germany-->Beijing-->England-->Germany-->France, gotta say it's been kinda busy, though I never dropped the drawing which is now as essential as ever.

Fullmetal Alchemist ended...quite a good ending, fitting, though not the most memorable. Out of the two missing limbs at least he got one back...the most important thing is that ROY IS OK. Thank god he didn't remain blind...

Played Persona3 and COMPLETELY FELL IN LOVE WITH AKIHIKO. I have just ordered some yarns and needles from an online place, and will promptly knit a scarf and send it to Akihiko (for which I mean Atlus, the maker of persona3) for Valentine's next year. I will also be knitting one each for my parents...and some others. It's the time of year when I feel this weird giving spirit in my BL-infested heart. Huh.

Had a rather scary convo a few days ago with my parents regarding my next job, they said there's this opportunity in South Africa...O____O For a sec that was a reality right there. Though fascinating and nevertheless exciting, I must say I have my reserves about a place like that...where actual gun control is even looser than the US.

My mom is now starting to worry that I might not get married off. ....By all means a reasonable worry, to be completely fair, though for some reason it does not yet worry me.(The fact that I AM KNITTING A SCARF FOR A 2D CHARACTER does, however).

Life is as life should be, plain yet exciting, but if anything I miss the swarovsky-decorated Christmas tree in Eaton Center, it's so damn glittery it blinds my eyes every time I tried looking at it but it makes me so happy...=v=

and lastly...it's that time of the year again so some of u know what this means -v- ehehehehehehe (orz)


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Nov. 30th, 2010 02:57 pm (UTC)
You're alive! ... or something.

Haha man... any particular reason why you decided to get your ears pierced? I just never bothered with mine, hmmm... must say, short hair does suit you XD.

How long more will you be in Germany? South Africa, holy O_o... well, at least things have gotten a little better since the World Cup was held there, since they had to beef up security... but.. wow, that is incredibly random. What would you be doing in South Africa, anyway?

Lol at your mom, and at you knitting scarfs for a 2D character. Anyway, we're young yet - all my colleagues are in their 30s (or are like, 29, god, I'm like the baby of the department), and some of them have either just gotten married this past year, or have boyfriends... so there's still plenty of time to get shacked up with a 3D guy XD

I tried knitting at a friend's place once, and couldn't get the hang of purling (I think?) in the short time I tried... but apparently once you learn the very basic knit techniques you just. Rinse and repeat, over and over. And with practice, your knits get tighter and nicer. So start strengthening those fingers, they're going to hurt after a while.

That second pic's really gorgeous - it's got this really lovely painted effect, and somehow it didn't look like you used outlines? Just painted the colors directly? The night sky, it's really lovely.

What does this time of the year mean lol CHRISTMAS CARDS? Btw, woman, send me your address, I can at least spam you with a card if I can't get you a present
Dec. 6th, 2010 11:01 am (UTC)
remind me if i've forgotten but darn girl did i ever get your address? GIVE ME UR ADDRESS (sothaticangoandputonweirdmakeuptoscareyoufromoutsideyourwindowatlikemidnightbythewayyoudidn'tjustseethis) so i can send u the card! i just got them printed yesterday!
Dec. 6th, 2010 02:31 pm (UTC)
I PM-ed you now send me your address too (andisototallyreadthatbecauseicanreadyourmindareyouworriedyetareyouareyou)
YAY Christmas cards! I can't wait to see what you drew this year!
Dec. 6th, 2010 02:36 pm (UTC)
we drawed somethings wonderfully stuffs to sended to your!

ha i hope you enjoy my newfound joy of crappy-english-to-piss-off-a-writer!

Dec. 7th, 2010 01:57 am (UTC)
I got your address and now I can staaaaaaalk you... except it's too bloody cold over there. Are you doing all right in all the snowstorms that's storming over Europe?

.. since obviously whatever I write won't work on you, maybe I'll just draw stick figures all over your card. Sticks and mochis.

BTW, this is probably your fault, but I had a weird dream last night where you and I were eating in a cafeteria and these guys the table over were giving us a hard time, and one of us snapped (me, I think) and whipped a spoonful of food at one of the guys, I was so annoyed, and then they got up to try to beat us up or something O_o... the rest of the cafe came to our defense but we were marked from that time.

And then suddenly we're like CIA agents busting into a room catching criminals and stuff. I guess we went to the extreme to defend ourselves against those stupid guys? It was pretty epic XD
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