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well here it is.



After xtwilightzx asked me to describe for her what I felt like after having a hash brownie, here is the result.

Me and a friend went to supposedly the place serving the best hash brownies in Amsterdam, they didn't have hash brownies per say, but had 'special cake'. ...ok, special cake it is. I think when we asked for hash brownies and he pointed to that, that he knew what we mean. So we each had a slice, I finished mine, she didn't.

20 minutes later I got so hungry we went to a Chinese restaurant.

She said, I think the effects are coming on.

I asked what it felt like.

She said it felt kinda like your soul floating slightly above your body, dazed, slightly dizzy, somewhat a floaty feeling.

Then she asked me if I felt it.


No, not really...

An annoying 3 hours later I had finally come to terms with the actual result of real hash cake.

Which is...NOTHING.

I seem to have this immunity in my body, I went from drinking no alcohol at all to 3 shots and 1 beer (while I was in London) during a meal, and it had no effect at all. 2 cocktails, nothing.

No feeling at all.

No high, no drunk, no nothing.

Just like that hash cake.

So if anyone is wondering what hash brownies feel like...

I have to tell ya it depends on the person.

Apparently there are people like me who seems to be just...IMMUNE to any effect of hash.

Except for one side effect.



yeah, that is it.

There's really not much to see here in Amsterdam during this time of year, not even tulips. I was in Den Haag (The Hague) today, went ot see the peace court from the outside since nobody's allowed in. It made me realize that even a small city like Den Haag has a chinatown and a big european banking center Frankfurt doesn't.

Anyway I am now back in the hotel, will go back to Frankfurt tomorrow. I was actually offered a chance to smoke some pot today but turned it down...as much as I wanted to actually intake some hash and ACTUALLY GET A REACTION FROM IT, I do hate the smell of that stuff and innately hate smoking, so I passed. Kinda regretful, though totally worth not having to smell the disgusting fumes.

Tomorrow I'm hitting the souvenir stores -v-

p.s. while i'm at it

i was attacked by sea gulls today.

I only took 3 steps away from the vendor where I bought 5 fishes, before they came swooping down crashing into my arm, flipping over my fish bowl, and promptly encircled the fish. Not like I'm going to pick it up from the ground to eat it anyway

but they were preditorial!


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Oct. 25th, 2010 01:30 am (UTC)
I'm really sorry, but I am laughing at you so much. Or laughing at you a lot in my head, since I'm still at work checking this (for once, thank you for not friendslocking these posts).

I think it really says something about you if those substances look like they have zero effect on you. Like it's impossible to raise the threshold of high-ness since you've already hit it. I thought you were sensitive to alcohol, but it also looks like it has no effect.

In an RPG, you would make a great team member, man. Imagine all the statuses: "the enemy's spell/potion/whatever has no effect!"

I sympathize about the seagulls - when I was in Vancouver and Nova Scotia, it was a nice battle defending my fish and chips from them. At least they attacked the fish and not you?

Did you hit the red light district at all?
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