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ok buddies

formally going to amsterdam tomorrow >v< can't wait to try a hash brownie!

lol as an otaku i don't normally do anything crazy, it's like being a college nerd without the smartness and plus all the anime and drawing. but this time, AMSTERDAM! arriving friday night for tequila (apparently you HAVE to start with hard core stuff) and then some cocktails, followed by hash brownies when me and my friend go back to the hotel where we'd be safe even if we went a little nutty XD

SO yes, sheltered nerd goes to party city. Plus I heard just now that the hotel I booked is right in the middle of Church Street which is known locally as GAY STREET, and right next to a GAY HOTEL.


See once in a while god assigns me some good luck like this -v- lol. Can't wait to see BL in real life. and yes I know they don't all look like people who walked out of sex pistols (for those of you who don't know this or are not into BL, i'll make another easier reference...yamane ayano) but damn they are just SO CUTE! I swear when I was back in london and walking past a gay bar I was so excited XD see, the geeky me showing through here...I think i'm quite out of touch with the real world.

Plus this might be the one trip where I break the non-drunk strip. I mean c'mon it's Amsterdam, what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam. For an otaku like me things like this will never turn into a long term thing, because for all the highs alcohol and a little hash brownies are said to give people, I get the most high off reading aki x shinji or reading different versions of the gag manga biyori stickers scenes. (the harry potter one was JUST AWESOME.)

So I'm going to take lots of pictures, and hopefully remember what happened in each one when I go through them later XDDDD I've always thought since I'm in Europe I'd have to do one of those cliche weird euro-trip things XD because so far germany and england had proven to be totally normal...

(there was this awesomely cute teenager (and I do say this not in a pedo way but purely in an enjoyment OH THAT IS SO MOE AND CUTE way) me and a friend met in front of the National Gallery in London...there were these bronze lion statues and I wanted on, the boy got off for so we could get on, and saw that I was having trouble (the only place u can get on is from the back and it's damn tall and slippery) and offered me a hand...he was so cute XDDD I totally want to draw something related to this)

I call him the Lion Spirit God(wat lol)

Germany's actually more plain and normal than even the plainest expectations, which is very nice, no crazy European stuff discussed in movies. And when I go buy cups of fruit from the vendors they always charge me 2 Euros for the 2.50 Euro cups...Thank you XD

So, off I go -v- will make an entry upon my return. Actually it was quite a fail today, I realized that I'll be at bars in Amsterdam and that as an otaku I have no bar clothes, or rather, I have no proper shoes, so I went shopping in Zeil...and the 3 pairs of boots that I liked, none of them comes in my size...yeah...who else wear a size 35? I mean I can literally find shoes in the children's section that will fit me...orz

AND WHY ISN'T THERE A PROPER LOLITA STORE HERE IN FRANKFURT! XDDD I was actually wanting to get a pair of laced-up lolita boots.

of course, all this ignoring my actual age...I don't look that old anyway -v-


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Oct. 22nd, 2010 12:03 am (UTC)
At first I thought you were talking about hash browns and didn't know it's the common name for marijuana. BUT THEN I READ ON AND REALIZED MY MISTAKE.


Well, if you're going to do drugs for once in your life, that's probably the safest choice you can make as long as you don't go driving afterwards. <3
Oct. 22nd, 2010 12:23 am (UTC)

and girl don't say it out loud XDD I'm still the geeky me and u saying it out loud with the scientific term is TOO EXCITING for me XDDD

yeah, we'll be in a safe, controlled environment XD It's not exactly doing drugs since pretty much every human who goes to amsterdam would want to try it, but i guess it also kinda is XDDD we were planning to get some brownies then going back to the hotel room, lock the doors and windows, then try it XDDD

besides it's just hash brownies, not like magic mushrooms or anything ,scientifically we're most likely just going to feel a little rush =v= any tips you'd like to share? XDDDD
Oct. 22nd, 2010 12:51 am (UTC)
Oh wait a sec. weren´t you in Frankfurt Main ???
Oct. 22nd, 2010 01:13 am (UTC)
lol this is what i get for not using LJ TVT looks like I should try to update more often. In May I went back to Beijing for a month, then onto London for 3 months, and now I am back in Frankfurt but going to Amsterdam for the weekend XDDD
Oct. 22nd, 2010 07:38 am (UTC)
Cause I was in Frankfurt for a few days for the international bookfair and a buissness meeting, damn I could have at least invited you for a coffee. I totally forgot ... <_<
Oct. 23rd, 2010 01:14 am (UTC)
lol there's always a next time ^_^
Oct. 22nd, 2010 01:03 am (UTC)
I can't believe I'm reading this at work AND replying at work, but what the hell, I have no life and no time to do so at any other time...

Anyway, as much as I'm leery about "hash browns" (the quotation marks have to go in there, cuz I love the potato ones) and the like, I'm going to say, why the hell not? Might as well go get the experience (AND TELL ME WHAT IT'S LIKE, because the writer in me is greedy like that). As long as you don't make it a habit and stay safely in the hotel, because you're already crazy enough as it is on a normal day. Normal for you, that is XDDDD

And I feel your pain about lack of stores to buy nice clothes in =.=;; life is boring enough having to wear work clothes to work every day, but my god, I can't get dressed up during the weekend either!

But that's an excuse to go shopping in Amsterdam XD.

I think it'll be an insanely crazy sort of experience to travel with you. One day, my friend XD One day.
Oct. 22nd, 2010 01:19 am (UTC)
DUDE DON'T REMIND ME T T I totally wanna travel with you one day, maybe to like North pole or something...somewhere where if I go even more nuts you can just kick me outside and it'd be punishment enough to COOL MY HEAD GET IT COLD COOL MY HEAD? LALALALA

ok i'll stop that now orz

Yeah I've pretty much played safe for most of my life but I thought heck if I get to go to Amsterdam for once I might as well experience this part of life. If successful this won't only be my first hash brownie, it'd also be my first time getting drunk. But that's not likely since extreme liquor hurts my throat...XD

of course I won't make it a habit...I have found my source of high...anime -v- plus if I don't sleep enough...I'm not sure if I ever unleashed the pulled-an-all-nighter Mary on you? I know I pulled it on another friend and she was scared the entire time XDD

I know >__< see tat's what I absolutely love about Beijing...so many styles, plus so many loli style things...

shopping in amsterdam? amsterdam-right! OK yeah the thing is in persona3 there's this mini-boss who loves cracking unfunny cold jokes and recording himself doing this...so I'm actually in the mood for cold jokes. but don't worry i'm only expecting myself to laugh at it -v-

AND ONE DAY WE MUST TRAVEL TOGETHER SOMEWHERE!! TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! well, beyond the national borders...we're not cool enough or nerdy enough to go beyind space borders...sigh

i will let u know how it feels >v< as far as these things are concerned, I've had a friend who's tried magic mushrooms before (she's not a druggie, she's kinda like me, just wanting to try it once) and she spent the entire night in a metro station on a bench, hallucinating about pizzas which she can't eat...see, I think that normal people even have normal hallucinations.

I told her this was a good chance to finally 'meet' some anime hotties, she said she saw all those pizzas she couldn't eat...XDDDD yeah.
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