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...oops, spoiler alert.


(kenpachi also lives.)


bleach 502

if byakuya's dead

then kubo tite, you can die too.



it's been such a while since i last logged on O_o life had changed, for the better or for the worse.

so i'm taking a leave with extreme difficulty (it smells like marshmallows so i'm tempted to eat it) from xtwilightzx's extremely heavy and thick book of life. Doing bulletin form.

-PFVI: Yes it's been a year since my last post i think, PFVI had officially started. So here I am again doing drawings and making music... but why is this first in the row of bulletins when I could be talking about my extremely busy life? It's because as u all know otaku hobbies are always first on my list. plus things like PFVI gets my blood boiling and makes me feel warm in this cold world -v-

-Work: I now work at China Merchant's bank, the investment banking branch. Now as an undergrad I know zip sh*t about investment banking and am trying to learn investment banking accounting in a matter of weeks. Or, should have, if I'm not too busy with PFVI. I know, I know, prioritize, will get to it.

-Love life:

-Friends: (...before you tell me the above column is empty, I'm going to tell you that there's nothing wrong with that it's not an accident) I have some pretty amazing otaku friends in Beijing who is helping me get out of my fear of people and going to anime shows. Candi and SL I do miss u guys TVT Actually I got to meet cannedebonbon at the beginning of this year...it was awesome because nothing had changed about her, except she now wears a my-little-pony hairpin. ...DOUBLE AWESOMENESS. And If in the future I get a chance, which I won't at least until next year because we all know investment banking kills, I'll try to make a trip to the Malays.

Here are some things I've been drawing. May this be as a progress pic for my current level.

and my characters for PFVI:

Anyway I hope all of you are doing well, I will link the music here as soon as the singer gets done with it.

rise from the dead

Just so some of u who actually cares dun think i'm dead XD

here's an update on life.

1) internship ending, job hunting, hate it,

2)partially because i have a horrible cold right now? I thought idiots couldn't possibly CATCH a cold? Maybe i didn't catch it, it just ran into me

3) PFV, evil bitch in the group making everything bad for me, weird consensus in china right now, when people see bullying they either pretend to see nothing or pretend to play victim and cry 'both of u stop it'. Unfortunately for the bullied one, me, it's kinda hard. Though PFV has made me surprisingly productive and very fast in improving...

partially i'm trying to improve fast bc i dun wanna lose to the bitch (whom i am losing to in terms of drawing but winning in all other aspects such as...oh let's say...humanity?)

other than tat i'm having a v serious cold right now so it's kinda hard to make a long post. Strange isn't it that only when i get sick do i remember to remind ppl i'm still alive XDDD

i have like 15+ bags of ramen in my fridge which i brought all the way from china so i can be lazy with cooking, not such a bad idea now -v-

anyway, sleep. 2 things

xtwilightzx either u're not updating at all or i'm just being blocked from seeing ur updates orz wassup w u lately?

and cannede yes i totally saw those dolls and no ur not too old 4 them i have a 28 (?) yr old friend who has 3-4 shelves full of figures like tat, though mostly anime chicks. reminds me also tat i saw this weird strip online today about star trek where kirk was going 'COME BACK HONEY I HAVEN'T HAD SEX IN 2 WEEKS' and spock was like 'but i left for a month...'

...BUSTED -v-

anyway also i received email trying to confirm a date that a bunch of us from highschool can show up for a friend's memorial...I will go deeper into this later maybe. It pains me to think such a nice, talented, absolutely wonderful young girl had died and some bitch is alive and bitching everyday like there's no 2012...

I really don't want to go.

Honestly I love her to bits, but in retrospect, maybe i didn't know her too well. So many people, mean ones included, likes to think of her as their good friend...maybe she's not the exact same person I knew, but I really did like what I saw. She was inspirational to me, encouraged me when no one else could, and really, got me also into the habit of taking photos with no human subjects. There's this one photo she gave me, it was of sakura flowers in Brooklyn, I was young and foolish then, opened a fan site and asked her for a site opening present, and she sent that to me...

She made it into Parsons based on her photography, she was out of this world, a creature which didn't fit into this society, like me, but unlike me, she's extremely talented and so very quiet.

I think god just liked her too much to keep her here with us. There's always this saying.

No, that's not the issue, there's just some other people I don't want to see, some people whom pretended to be my friend and yet who never gave up a chance to make me feel bad or make themselves feel superior.

But this is all the way in June...kinda far away even for me.

So what is right now?

Takes us back to the first 3 points.


good night.

ok so this IS a picture dump

I realize i haven't drawn much since the last time i updated.... which was like when i don't know XD but HERE have some PICTURES.

I went back to Rochu for a bit because of how absolutely wonderful this pairing WAS...as politically incorrect as it is, it's never wrong to have an occasional dream i suppose.

and this is for the Bleach 2011 calendar on jojohot forum:
( I had to do a tribute to Aizen...he went out in quite a style =v= somewhat on purpose i suppose)

Supposedly this is QQ vs 360? the battle is over now but it was worth it -v-

and last but not least...UMINEKO! I am in love >v< especially now that the series ended.

I have many photos from the Paris trip and will upload them here. After the dinner at moulin rouge we went back to the hotel and hours later in the middle of the night i was throwing up in the tiny toilet. the next day my friends went out to get stomach medicine for me...and strangely, consequently they all got uncomfortable and we simply slept the day away. Didn't make it to the Eiffel tower this trip, but thankfully we were in good enough conditions to go see the Louvre. I'm not so much of an impressionist but damn there were some BEAUTIFUL marble statues.

how's everyone's new year going?

p.s. new year new layout

p.p.s. will use new set of icons -v- next time.

it's tat time o year again

here's my random LJ burst...which i have once in a while, much like a seizure or the craving for chocolate.

it's tat time of year again...christmas =v=

it's the time of year st.nicolas rolls over in his grave wondering why he's now dressed in Coca Cola's colors...

several weird details.

i now have my ears pierced...was shivering the entire way through with Claire's store staff trying to hide their smile =v= god i hate pain, it drives me crazy thinking about thin metal going through my ear...but it wasn't that bad. Still in the disinfecting phase. I have bought a lolita outfit and dress and boots for the Paris trip, can't wait.

This is what i look like now in case anyone's wondering...which I honestly don't see why anyone would wonder.

Oooooo Photobucket now has webcam...ANYWAY

There's this really amazing series recently? It's called Star Driver, Kagayaku no Takuto.

here's my fan art:

It's just so weird and hilarious in the beginning but it's turning into a fairytale type of story...fits my likings v much -v-

also this is the poster I did for a DA RP group~


ok so this is NOT a pure pictures post.

After 1.5 months of waiting for the goddam work visa it's finally granted and I go back to work on December 1st.

Looking back on the year, I went from Canada-->Beijing-->Germany-->Austria-->Germany-->Beijing-->England-->Germany-->France, gotta say it's been kinda busy, though I never dropped the drawing which is now as essential as ever.

Fullmetal Alchemist ended...quite a good ending, fitting, though not the most memorable. Out of the two missing limbs at least he got one back...the most important thing is that ROY IS OK. Thank god he didn't remain blind...

Played Persona3 and COMPLETELY FELL IN LOVE WITH AKIHIKO. I have just ordered some yarns and needles from an online place, and will promptly knit a scarf and send it to Akihiko (for which I mean Atlus, the maker of persona3) for Valentine's next year. I will also be knitting one each for my parents...and some others. It's the time of year when I feel this weird giving spirit in my BL-infested heart. Huh.

Had a rather scary convo a few days ago with my parents regarding my next job, they said there's this opportunity in South Africa...O____O For a sec that was a reality right there. Though fascinating and nevertheless exciting, I must say I have my reserves about a place like that...where actual gun control is even looser than the US.

My mom is now starting to worry that I might not get married off. ....By all means a reasonable worry, to be completely fair, though for some reason it does not yet worry me.(The fact that I AM KNITTING A SCARF FOR A 2D CHARACTER does, however).

Life is as life should be, plain yet exciting, but if anything I miss the swarovsky-decorated Christmas tree in Eaton Center, it's so damn glittery it blinds my eyes every time I tried looking at it but it makes me so happy...=v=

and lastly...it's that time of the year again so some of u know what this means -v- ehehehehehehe (orz)
well here it is.



After xtwilightzx asked me to describe for her what I felt like after having a hash brownie, here is the result.

Me and a friend went to supposedly the place serving the best hash brownies in Amsterdam, they didn't have hash brownies per say, but had 'special cake'. ...ok, special cake it is. I think when we asked for hash brownies and he pointed to that, that he knew what we mean. So we each had a slice, I finished mine, she didn't.

20 minutes later I got so hungry we went to a Chinese restaurant.

She said, I think the effects are coming on.

I asked what it felt like.

She said it felt kinda like your soul floating slightly above your body, dazed, slightly dizzy, somewhat a floaty feeling.

Then she asked me if I felt it.


No, not really...

An annoying 3 hours later I had finally come to terms with the actual result of real hash cake.

Which is...NOTHING.

I seem to have this immunity in my body, I went from drinking no alcohol at all to 3 shots and 1 beer (while I was in London) during a meal, and it had no effect at all. 2 cocktails, nothing.

No feeling at all.

No high, no drunk, no nothing.

Just like that hash cake.

So if anyone is wondering what hash brownies feel like...

I have to tell ya it depends on the person.

Apparently there are people like me who seems to be just...IMMUNE to any effect of hash.

Except for one side effect.



yeah, that is it.

There's really not much to see here in Amsterdam during this time of year, not even tulips. I was in Den Haag (The Hague) today, went ot see the peace court from the outside since nobody's allowed in. It made me realize that even a small city like Den Haag has a chinatown and a big european banking center Frankfurt doesn't.

Anyway I am now back in the hotel, will go back to Frankfurt tomorrow. I was actually offered a chance to smoke some pot today but turned it down...as much as I wanted to actually intake some hash and ACTUALLY GET A REACTION FROM IT, I do hate the smell of that stuff and innately hate smoking, so I passed. Kinda regretful, though totally worth not having to smell the disgusting fumes.

Tomorrow I'm hitting the souvenir stores -v-

p.s. while i'm at it

i was attacked by sea gulls today.

I only took 3 steps away from the vendor where I bought 5 fishes, before they came swooping down crashing into my arm, flipping over my fish bowl, and promptly encircled the fish. Not like I'm going to pick it up from the ground to eat it anyway

but they were preditorial!

ok buddies

formally going to amsterdam tomorrow >v< can't wait to try a hash brownie!

lol as an otaku i don't normally do anything crazy, it's like being a college nerd without the smartness and plus all the anime and drawing. but this time, AMSTERDAM! arriving friday night for tequila (apparently you HAVE to start with hard core stuff) and then some cocktails, followed by hash brownies when me and my friend go back to the hotel where we'd be safe even if we went a little nutty XD

SO yes, sheltered nerd goes to party city. Plus I heard just now that the hotel I booked is right in the middle of Church Street which is known locally as GAY STREET, and right next to a GAY HOTEL.


See once in a while god assigns me some good luck like this -v- lol. Can't wait to see BL in real life. and yes I know they don't all look like people who walked out of sex pistols (for those of you who don't know this or are not into BL, i'll make another easier reference...yamane ayano) but damn they are just SO CUTE! I swear when I was back in london and walking past a gay bar I was so excited XD see, the geeky me showing through here...I think i'm quite out of touch with the real world.

Plus this might be the one trip where I break the non-drunk strip. I mean c'mon it's Amsterdam, what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam. For an otaku like me things like this will never turn into a long term thing, because for all the highs alcohol and a little hash brownies are said to give people, I get the most high off reading aki x shinji or reading different versions of the gag manga biyori stickers scenes. (the harry potter one was JUST AWESOME.)

So I'm going to take lots of pictures, and hopefully remember what happened in each one when I go through them later XDDDD I've always thought since I'm in Europe I'd have to do one of those cliche weird euro-trip things XD because so far germany and england had proven to be totally normal...

(there was this awesomely cute teenager (and I do say this not in a pedo way but purely in an enjoyment OH THAT IS SO MOE AND CUTE way) me and a friend met in front of the National Gallery in London...there were these bronze lion statues and I wanted on, the boy got off for so we could get on, and saw that I was having trouble (the only place u can get on is from the back and it's damn tall and slippery) and offered me a hand...he was so cute XDDD I totally want to draw something related to this)

I call him the Lion Spirit God(wat lol)

Germany's actually more plain and normal than even the plainest expectations, which is very nice, no crazy European stuff discussed in movies. And when I go buy cups of fruit from the vendors they always charge me 2 Euros for the 2.50 Euro cups...Thank you XD

So, off I go -v- will make an entry upon my return. Actually it was quite a fail today, I realized that I'll be at bars in Amsterdam and that as an otaku I have no bar clothes, or rather, I have no proper shoes, so I went shopping in Zeil...and the 3 pairs of boots that I liked, none of them comes in my size...yeah...who else wear a size 35? I mean I can literally find shoes in the children's section that will fit me...orz

AND WHY ISN'T THERE A PROPER LOLITA STORE HERE IN FRANKFURT! XDDD I was actually wanting to get a pair of laced-up lolita boots.

of course, all this ignoring my actual age...I don't look that old anyway -v-


first a big congrats to sonicelectronic on her engagement TVT

next, travel plans.

Oct. 22-25, Amsterdam, Holland.

Dec. 23-28 Paris, France.

Anyone feel like coming with? let me know TVT looking for travelling buddies.

P.S. I am planning to get the tickets to the Eiffel tower for December 25th...Ah, Christmas.

And then.


I'm pretty happy just being the otaku that I am now, with a decent job with a good pay, and travelling around the world once in a while.

But before the perfect romance comes around (which it most likely never will)

I am completely happy to be satisfied with drawing aki and shinji -v-


yeah...i kinda want a romance like that...stormy and completely perfect.


Just a little otaku rant right there -v-

yeah, I like my life it is now.

cannedebonbon, xtwilightzx, Tues and Rui (though i know u guys dun use LJ) u guys dun go too far ahead of me TVT

new persona pic